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We offer low rates to call around the globe. Select the first letter of the country name you wish to call to see the rates. All prices are in US dollars per minute, the rates are subject to change without notice. The rate list shown is incomplete for brevity; to find the call rate to the particular phone number, enter the number in the box below (starting with the country code) and click the "Search" button.

Complete rate lists can be downloaded in csv format: Standard (last updated: November 20 2018), Premium (last updated: November 20 2018), PSTN (last updated: November 20 2018), per trunk (last updated: November 20 2018),
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DestinationDial prefixPrice
Abkhazia Fixed78400.1989
Abkhazia Mobile79400.2125
Abkhazia Mobile A Mobile794070.25381
Afghanistan Mobile93750.08793
Afghanistan Mobile Awcc93700.11113
Afghanistan Mobile Etisalat93780.05188
Afghanistan Mobile Mtn93760.12413
Afghanistan Mobile Roshan93720.0865
Afghanistan Mobile Salaam93740.075
Albania Amc355460.15835
Albania Fixed3550.1568
Albania Mobile Amc355680.36847
Albania Mobile Eagle355670.3073
Albania Mobile Plus355660.1669
Albania Mobile Vodafone355690.28101
Albania Tirana3554220.1569
Algeria Fixed21360.06788
Algeria Mobile Divona Satellite213960.06538
Algeria Mobile Djezzy213770.34
Algeria Mobile Mobilis2136550.203
Algeria Mobile Ooredoo21350.5149
American Samoa16842520.0095
American Samoa Fixed16840.02288
American Samoa Mobile168420.02288
Andorra Mobile37630.17208
Angola Fixed2440.038
Angola Mobile Movicel244910.10938
Angola Mobile Unitel244920.14481
Anguilla Mobile12642350.10635
Anguilla Mobile Digicel12645810.08811
Anguilla Mobility Services12645360.07854
Antigua And Barbuda Mobile12684640.17701
Argentina Cities5422930.0095
Argentina Corridor542320.0095
Argentina Fixed Arguello5435430.0095
Argentina Fixed Bahia Blanca542910.0095
Argentina Fixed Bariloche5429440.0165
Argentina Fixed Bragado5423420.0165
Argentina Fixed Buenos Aires54110.0095
Argentina Fixed Buenos Aires Province5422210.0165
Argentina Fixed Buenos Merlo542200.0165
Argentina Fixed C. Rivadavia542970.0165
Argentina Fixed Casilda5434640.0095
Argentina Fixed Catamarca5438330.0165
Argentina Fixed Concepcion5438650.0165
Argentina Fixed Concordia543450.0165
Argentina Fixed Cordoba543510.0095
Argentina Fixed Cordoba Province54350.0165
Argentina Fixed Daireaux5423160.0165
Argentina Fixed Esquel5429450.0165
Argentina Fixed Formosa5437170.0165
Argentina Fixed Jujuy543880.0165
Argentina Fixed Junin5423620.0095
Argentina Fixed La Falda5435480.0165
Argentina Fixed La Pampa542300.0095
Argentina Fixed La Plata542210.0095
Argentina Fixed La Rioja5438220.0165
Argentina Fixed Mar Del Plata542230.0095
Argentina Fixed Mendoza542610.0095
Argentina Fixed Moreno542370.0095
Argentina Fixed Neuquen542990.0095
Argentina Fixed North East Nea5437110.0165
Argentina Fixed North West Noa5438210.0165
Argentina Fixed Olavarria5422840.0165
Argentina Fixed Parana543430.0095
Argentina Fixed Posadas5437520.0165
Argentina Fixed Rafaela5434920.0165
Argentina Fixed Rio Cuarto543580.0095
Argentina Fixed Rio Gallegos5429660.0165
Argentina Fixed Rio Tercero5435710.0095
Argentina Fixed Rosario543410.0095
Argentina Fixed Saenz Pena5437320.0165
Argentina Fixed Saenz Resistencia5437720.0165
Argentina Fixed Salta543870.0165
Argentina Fixed San Francisco5435640.0165
Argentina Fixed San Juan542640.0095
Argentina Fixed San Lorenzo5434760.0095
Argentina Fixed San Luis5426520.0165
Argentina Fixed San Martin De Los Andes5429720.0165
Argentina Fixed San Pedro543320.0095
Argentina Fixed San Rafael5426270.0165
Argentina Fixed Santa Fe543420.0095
Argentina Fixed Santa Fe Province5434000.0165
Argentina Fixed Santa Rosa5429540.01613
Argentina Fixed Sgo. Del Estero543850.0165
Argentina Fixed South Patagonia5429020.0165
Argentina Fixed Teodelina5434620.0095
Argentina Fixed Trelew5429650.0165
Argentina Fixed Trenque Lauquen5423920.0165
Argentina Fixed Ushuaia5429010.0165
Argentina Fixed Valle Fertil5426460.0095
Argentina Fixed Viedma5429200.0165
Argentina Fixed Villa Carlos Paz5435410.0095
Argentina Fixed Villa Maria543530.0095
Argentina Fixed Villa Mercedes5426570.0165
Argentina Fixed West Cuyo5426220.0165
Argentina Mobile5490.04188
Armenia Fixed37450.1736
Armenia Fixed Karabakh374470.10676
Armenia Mobile37490.1552
Armenia Mobile Beeline374430.1768
Armenia Mobile Nagorny Karabakh374970.1501
Armenia Mobile Orange374410.2109
Armenia Mobile Viva Cell374770.2104
Armenia Ucom374110.173
Armenia Yerevan374100.17
Aruba Fixed Fixed2970.09176
Aruba Mobile Digicel2976300.11735
Aruba Mobile Dth2976000.1894
Aruba Mobile Setar Gsm297560.1989
Aruba Mobile Setar Tdma297990.1941
Aruba Premium2979000.09051
Ascension Island24701.3125
Australia Fixed610.0095
Australia Fixed Christmas Island618910.0095
Australia Fixed Adelaide618700.0095
Australia Fixed Brisbane61730.0095
Australia Fixed Canberra612610.0095
Australia Fixed Melbourne61380.0095
Australia Fixed Perth618610.0095
Australia Fixed Sydney61270.0095
Australia Mobile61160.01113
Australia Mobile H3g614250.01463
Australia Mobile Optus614010.01463
Australia Mobile Telstra614000.01463
Australia Mobile Vodafone614040.01463
Australia Personal61130.01575
Austria Mobile436550.01379
Austria Mobile A1436640.01379
Austria Mobile H3g436600.01379
Austria Mobile T Mobile436500.01379
Austria Special Services438100.0095
Austria Vienna4310.0095
Azerbaijan Mobile Azercell994500.202
Azerbaijan Mobile Azerfon994700.1925
Azerbaijan Mobile Bakcell994550.28101
Azerbaijan Mobile Catel9944000.28101
Azerbaijan Mobile Cdma994440.1993
Azerbaijan Mobile Other994600.28101
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Popular destinations

USA0.0095 *
Canada0.005 *
United Kingdom0.0095
Ukraine Fixed0.11563
India Mobile - Airtel0.0095
Argentina Fixed - Buenos Aires0.0095
Brazil-rio De Janeiro0.0095
Russia Moscow0.0095
Russia St. Petersburg0.02113

* Rates to some USA and Canadian numbers might be higher, check the simulator to find the exact rate.
Complete rate lists can be downloaded in csv format: Standard (last updated: November 20 2018), Premium (last updated: November 20 2018), PSTN (last updated: November 20 2018), per trunk (last updated: November 20 2018),
Fine print: All prices are final, there are no bogus fees and unfees other than specified at Services page. Period. Only SIP devices that have already been created can be connected to to make calls. Please ensure you only use devices approved by you (Please do not try and connect using two tin cans and a piece of string as we do not yet support this, but we may support this in the future, the work is in progress and preliminary results are positive). monthly subscription charge of $0 must be paid in advance and does not include tax of $0 which also must be paid in advance. You will be billed an activation fee of $0 plus tax and this must be paid in advance. Calls made incur tax at the rate of 0% each month and must be paid in advance. On cancellation of the service you will be charged a one time disconnection charge of $0. Additional features will be billed at the additional rate of $0 per call. All **YOUR** rights reserved.

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