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We offer low rates to call around the globe. Select the first letter of the country name you wish to call to see the rates. All prices are in US dollars per minute, the rates are subject to change without notice. The rate list shown is incomplete for brevity; to find the call rate to the particular phone number, enter the number in the box below (starting with the country code) and click the "Search" button.

Complete rate lists can be downloaded in csv format: Standard (last updated: May 27 2020), Premium (last updated: May 27 2020), PSTN (last updated: May 27 2020), per trunk (last updated: May 26 2020),
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DestinationDial prefixPrice
Bahamas Fixed12420.1789
Bahamas Mobile Cybercell12423570.1709
Bahrain Fixed9730.10938
Bahrain Fixed Broadband Telecom97371110.10938
Bahrain Fixed Wimax973770.11075
Bahrain Fixed Zain9731360.10938
Bahrain Mobile9733800.1255
Bahrain Mobile Batelco973320.1255
Bahrain Mobile Viva973330.1255
Bahrain Mobile Zain973360.1255
Bangladesh Fixed8800.0125
Bangladesh Fixed Chittagong880310.0125
Bangladesh Fixed Dhaka88020.0125
Bangladesh Fixed Dhaka Phone8806660.0125
Bangladesh Fixed National Phone880370.0125
Bangladesh Fixed Rankstel880440.0125
Bangladesh Fixed Sylet8808210.0125
Bangladesh Mobile88010.0125
Bangladesh Mobile Airtel880160.0125
Bangladesh Mobile Aktel880180.0125
Bangladesh Mobile Banglalink880190.0125
Bangladesh Mobile Citycell880110.0125
Bangladesh Mobile Grameen880130.0125
Bangladesh Mobile Teletalk880150.0125
Barbados Fixed12460.08425
Barbados Fixed Cw12462270.07925
Barbados Fixed Flow12465710.07925
Barbados Mobile Cw1246230.1813
Barbados Mobile Digicel12462560.1854
Barbados Special Services12467760.09063
Belarus Fixed3750.3471
Belarus Fixed Minsk375170.3471
Belarus Mobile375250.3489
Belarus Mobile Mts3752920.2109
Belarus Mobile Velcom3752910.3399
Belgium Mobile32450.0165
Belgium Mobile Base3246500.0165
Belgium Mobile Lycamobile3246510.0165
Belgium Mobile Orange3246730.0165
Belgium Mobile Proximus324600.0165
Belize Fixed5010.2025
Belize Mobile501140.20875
Belize Mobile Speednet501650.2087
Benin Fixed2290.2616
Benin Mobile22992290.29255
Benin Mobile Bell Benin229920.2515
Benin Mobile Moov229600.2914
Benin Mobile Mtn229610.28784
Bermuda Fixed14410.03088
Bermuda Mobile144130.02063
Bhutan Fixed9750.05675
Bhutan Mobile975160.05675
Bolivia Cochabamba59144130.10632
Bolivia Fixed Cochabamba591440.10063
Bolivia Fixed La Paz591220.10063
Bolivia Fixed Santa Cruz591330.07963
Bolivia La Paz59122130.10632
Bolivia Mobile59160.11875
Bolivia Mobile Entel591630.11875
Bolivia Mobile Nuevatel591600.11875
Bolivia Mobile Tigo591690.11875
Bolivia Santa Cruz59133130.10632
Bosnia And Herzegovina Mobile Bih38760300.3211
Bosnia And Herzegovina Mobile Eronet387630.3163
Bosnia And Herzegovina Mobile Mtel387650.3405
Bosnia Bh Telekom38730200.1489
Bosnia Mostar38730490.14943
Bosnia Srpske38749200.14943
Botswana Fixed2670.1816
Botswana Mobile26770.16203
Botswana Mobile Mascom267710.2531
Botswana Mobile Orange267720.21873
Brazil Cities552700.0095
Brazil Fixed550.0095
Brazil Fixed Belo Horizonte553100.0095
Brazil Fixed Brasilia556100.0095
Brazil Fixed Campinas551900.0095
Brazil Fixed Curitiba554100.0095
Brazil Fixed Florianapolis554800.0095
Brazil Fixed Goiania556200.0095
Brazil Fixed Governador Valadares553300.0095
Brazil Fixed Porto Alegre555100.0095
Brazil Fixed Region 155200.0095
Brazil Fixed Region 255400.0095
Brazil Fixed Rio De Janeiro552100.0095
Brazil Fixed Sao Paulo551100.0095
Brazil Mobile551170.0095
British Virgin Islands Fixed12840.1521
British Virgin Islands Mobile12844400.1825
British Virgin Islands Mobile Digicel12843000.1895
Brunei Mobile6732270.03348
Bulgaria Fixed3594300.01063
Bulgaria Mobile A1359880.09375
Bulgaria Mobile Telenor359890.09375
Bulgaria Mobile Vivacom359870.09375
Bulgaria Mobility Services Type A3599990.07738
Bulgaria Sofia35920.0095
Burkina Faso2260.33
Burkina Faso Fixed226010.3365
Burkina Faso Mobile Airtel226540.3386
Burkina Faso Mobile Telecel226580.2197
Burkina Faso Mobile Telmob226510.2834
Burundi Mobile Econet257710.49475
Burundi Mobile Lumitel257310.4175
Burundi Mobile Onatel25722200.4175
Burundi Mobile Smart257750.4175
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Popular destinations

USA0.0127 *
Canada0.005 *
United Kingdom0.0095
Ukraine Fixed0.11563
Argentina Buenos Aires0.0095
Brazil-rio De Janeiro0.0095
Australia Fixed Melbourne0.0095
Russia-st. Petersburg0.01213
India Mobile0.0125

* Rates to some USA and Canadian numbers might be higher, check the simulator to find the exact rate.
Complete rate lists can be downloaded in csv format: Standard (last updated: May 27 2020), Premium (last updated: May 27 2020), PSTN (last updated: May 27 2020), per trunk (last updated: May 26 2020),
Fine print: All prices are final, there are no bogus fees and unfees other than specified at Services page. Period. Only SIP devices that have already been created can be connected to to make calls. Please ensure you only use devices approved by you (Please do not try and connect using two tin cans and a piece of string as we do not yet support this, but we may support this in the future, the work is in progress and preliminary results are positive). monthly subscription charge of $0 must be paid in advance and does not include tax of $0 which also must be paid in advance. You will be billed an activation fee of $0 plus tax and this must be paid in advance. Calls made incur tax at the rate of 0% each month and must be paid in advance. On cancellation of the service you will be charged a one time disconnection charge of $0. Additional features will be billed at the additional rate of $0 per call. All **YOUR** rights reserved.

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