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We offer low rates to call around the globe. Select the first letter of the country name you wish to call to see the rates. All prices are in US dollars per minute, the rates are subject to change without notice. The rate list shown is incomplete for brevity; to find the call rate to the particular phone number, enter the number in the box below (starting with the country code) and click the "Search" button.

Complete rate lists can be downloaded in csv format: Standard (last updated: July 16 2019), Premium (last updated: July 16 2019), PSTN (last updated: July 16 2019), per trunk (last updated: July 16 2019),
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DestinationDial prefixPrice
Taiwan Fixed8860.01063
Taiwan Mobile8869000.08438
Taiwan Mobile Chungwa8869100.08063
Taiwan Mobile Fareasttone8869130.08438
Taiwan Mobile Taiwan Mobile88691400.08675
Taiwan Mobile Vibo8869730.08438
Taiwan Mobility Services88694010.05825
Tajikistan Babilon T992440.12685
Tajikistan Dushanbe9923720.12685
Tajikistan Fixed992700.1384
Tajikistan Mobile99290.154
Tajikistan Mobile Babilon9929180.1595
Tajikistan Mobile Beeline9929150.1584
Tajikistan Mobile Mlt992550.1549
Tajikistan Mobile Tcell992500.1573
Tajikistan Mobile Tk Mobile992950.155
Tajikistan Mobile Tojiktel9929980.11875
Tanzania Fixed2550.25431
Tanzania Fixed Dar Es Salaam255220.2708
Tanzania Fixed Zanzibar255240.291
Tanzania Mobile25560.27051
Tanzania Mobile Airtel255680.3
Tanzania Mobile Benson255790.2193
Tanzania Mobile Dovetel255610.2193
Tanzania Mobile Hits255740.2193
Tanzania Mobile Mobitel255650.25431
Tanzania Mobile Smile255660.22273
Tanzania Mobile Ttcl255730.2193
Tanzania Mobile Vodacom255750.2516
Tanzania Mobile Zantel255770.30725
Telecommunications For Disaster Relief8880.0095
Thailand Fixed660.02175
Thailand Fixed Bangkok6620.02175
Thailand Mobile66610.02175
Thailand Mobile Ais668000.02175
Thailand Mobile Dtac668040.02175
Thailand Mobile True Move668030.02175
Togo Mobile228700.2574
Togo Mobile Moov2287970.2915
Togo Mobile Togocel2287000.19
Tonga Mobile Digcel6766850.41302
Trinidad And Tobago1868400.08385
Trinidad And Tobago Fixed18680.06563
Trinidad And Tobago Mobile1868420.06563
Trinidad And Tobago Mobile Bmobile1868460.14051
Trinidad And Tobago Mobile Digicel18682660.1644
Tunisia Fixed2160.6943
Tunisia Fixed Orange21630.4345
Tunisia Mobile216400.7382
Tunisia Mobile Lyca216430.6575
Tunisia Mobile Ooredoo21620.6688
Tunisia Mobile Orange21650.7205
Turkey Cities902240.02692
Turkey Fixed900.02888
Turkey Fixed Ankara903120.02675
Turkey Fixed Northern Cyprus903920.02763
Turkey Istanbul902120.02692
Turkey Mobile90510.13315
Turkey Mobile Avea905000.1437
Turkey Mobile Turkcell90516160.13421
Turkey Mobile Vodafone90540.03325
Turkey Nomadic Services9085000.02858
Turkey Northern Cyprus Mobile Turkcell90533820.1411
Turkey Northern Cyprus Mobile Vodafone90542850.151
Turkey Special Services90850970.02858
Turkmenistan Mobile99360.1314
Turks And Caicos Islands Fixed16490.1784
Turks And Caicos Islands Mobile16492310.1736
Turks And Caicos Islands Mobile Digicel16493310.1991
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Popular destinations

USA0.0095 *
Canada0.005 *
United Kingdom0.0095
India Mobile0.0095
Argentina Fixed Buenos Aires0.0095
Brazil-rio De Janeiro0.0095
Russia Moscow0.0095
Russia St. Petersburg0.01225

* Rates to some USA and Canadian numbers might be higher, check the simulator to find the exact rate.
Complete rate lists can be downloaded in csv format: Standard (last updated: July 16 2019), Premium (last updated: July 16 2019), PSTN (last updated: July 16 2019), per trunk (last updated: July 16 2019),
Fine print: All prices are final, there are no bogus fees and unfees other than specified at Services page. Period. Only SIP devices that have already been created can be connected to to make calls. Please ensure you only use devices approved by you (Please do not try and connect using two tin cans and a piece of string as we do not yet support this, but we may support this in the future, the work is in progress and preliminary results are positive). monthly subscription charge of $0 must be paid in advance and does not include tax of $0 which also must be paid in advance. You will be billed an activation fee of $0 plus tax and this must be paid in advance. Calls made incur tax at the rate of 0% each month and must be paid in advance. On cancellation of the service you will be charged a one time disconnection charge of $0. Additional features will be billed at the additional rate of $0 per call. All **YOUR** rights reserved.

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