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Hosted PBX.

We provide a hosted PBX service on our VPS platform. Configure SIP and IAX extensions with a few mouse clicks, add call termination providers of your choice, DID providers and you are ready to go. VPS comes with Asterisk 11.2.1 and FreePBX 12 preinstalled.

Our VPS platform includes the following components:
  • Virtual linux server running on quad core Intel Xeon CPU, 1 dedicated public IP address.
  • Asterisk PBX and FreePBX software preinstalled with Callwithus incoming and outgoing trunks preconfigured.
  • Disk space to store your PBX voice prompts, voice mail and music on hold files.
  • Full root ssh (Winscp) access to the server to upload your files and backup the server data.
The hosted PBX platform price is $10 to set up and $15/month.

Frequently asked questions.

  • Q. I want to use your hosted PBX service, how do I get started?
  • A. Open an account with us, add funds to cover server setup and monthly price and contact us with PBX installation request, let us know your account number and the desired server location (Canada or France). When it is installed, we provide you with server IP address and access information. Configure VoIP account settings on our web site:
    • CALLERID: set to blank
    • HOST: Your VPS IP address
    You are ready to go. The remaining funds on your account will be used for our call termination service. The monthly payment $15 will be charged to your callwithus account on 1st of each month, if your account balance is low and you will not top up it till the end of month, the server will be reclaimed. The first monthly payment is prorated, if you ordered a server on 20th, the monthly charge for the current month will be $5.

  • Q. How much RAM and HDD space are provided?
  • A. VPS has 1GB RAM and 50GB HDD space.

  • Q. Which version of asterisk and FreePBX are preinstalled?
  • A. Asterisk 11.2.1 and FreePBX 12. You can upgrade/downgrade the installed software as you wish.

  • Q. Where the server is located?
  • A. We offer virtual servers in 2 locations - in Canada (the server is located in the same datacenter as and in France.

  • Q. Can I use other call termination providers?
  • A. Yes, you can use as many call termination and DID providers as you wish.

  • Q. Which level of the VPS support do you provide?
  • A. We provide a VPS with pre-installed VoIP software and we provide support for VPS hardware and limited support for VPS operation system. We do not provide the software support.

Fine print: All prices are final, there are no bogus fees and unfees other than specified at Services page. Period. Only SIP devices that have already been created can be connected to to make calls. Please ensure you only use devices approved by you (Please do not try and connect using two tin cans and a piece of string as we do not yet support this, but we may support this in the future, the work is in progress and preliminary results are positive). monthly subscription charge of $0 must be paid in advance and does not include tax of $0 which also must be paid in advance. You will be billed an activation fee of $0 plus tax and this must be paid in advance. Calls made incur tax at the rate of 0% each month and must be paid in advance. On cancellation of the service you will be charged a one time disconnection charge of $0. Additional features will be billed at the additional rate of $0 per call. All **YOUR** rights reserved.

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