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Wholesale Service

We offer wholesale A-Z termination rates to VoIP service providers. Wholesale rates are billed 6/6 USA and Canada, 60/60 Mexico, Suriname, Haiti, Pacific Islands, Togo, Fiji, Thuraya Satellite service (88216 prefix), Maldives and 1/1 to most of other destinations. Rates to US48 are NPANXX based and start with $0.0015. Download US48 premium rates (last updated: September 20 2021), download US48 PSTN rates (last updated: September 20 2021). Calls to ported US numbers are billed by called number LRN but not DN (call rate to terminate the call to the current number carrier). If the dialed number is not in our cache, your account will be charged $0.0003 per call for LRN DB lookup. The format of US48 rate lists is
dialprefix;destination name;rate interstate;rate intrastate;initial billing time;billing increment

Call routes to non-US phone numbers are available in three flavors - Standard (last updated: September 21 2021), Premium (last updated: September 21 2021), and PSTN (last updated: September 21 2021). The Standard plan uses the low cost routes, the Premium plan uses preselected high quality routes, PSTN plan uses routes which connect the calls directly to SS7 network or provide direct connection to the target phone carrier. Standard, Premium and PSTN rates are updated weekly. The fields in the rate lists are
dialprefix;destination name;rate;initial billing time;billing increment

Effective Aug 1st 2021 several UK communication providers have announced origin based charging to surcharge internationally originated calls to UK numbers or calls to UK numbers that have missing, malformed or Fake CLI's. You can lookup the surcharge table, the surcharge per minute amount depends on your caller id country and the type of UK number you're calling (fixed or mobile).
Your caller id number must be in E.164 format (staring with +country_code). We will allow calls to UK numbers if your caller id number belongs to a country with a 0 surcharge rate OR you explicitly enable "Allow UK Surcharge" parameter in "user settings" menu in customer portal, it is set to "no" by default.

The call rates are NOT negotiable.

You can use a dial prefix to select the plan to use for outgoing call:
  • *30 - use PSTN route.
  • *31 - use Standard route.
  • *32 - use Premium route.
  • No prefix - use Standard/Premium or PSTN route depending on your account setting.
  • *4TTT - select a specific termination trunk. Per tunk rates (last updated: September 21 2021). The last 2 fields in per trunk rate list are trunk number and trunk rating (0 - Std, 1 - Prem, 2 - PSTN).
  • Call rates to US48 are common for std and prem plans.

You can override per call "max route" and "max rate" values in your account settings with custom SIP headers in INVITE request.
  • X-CWU-maxrate: N.NNNN - set max call rate to $N.NNNN, we will try to deliver the call using routes with call termination rate to the dialed number no higher than $N.NNNN.
  • X-CWU-maxroute: N - set "max route" parameter to N, we will try up to N routes to deliver the call, the "max rate" parameter set in your account settings will be used for call routing decision too.

Examples of usage:


exten => _X.,n,SIPAddHeader(X-CWU-maxroute: 2)


<action application="set" data="sip_h_X-CWU-maxrate=0.028"/>

Prequalification is required to be eligible for carrier rate plans.
  • You must be a VoIP service provider, not an end user. You are responsible for collecting any applicable taxes from your customers and remitting them to the government in your country of business. For example, you are responsible to pay VAT (Europe), USF (USA) or GST/PST (Canada).
  • You must send a valid CID number of the caller.
  • We do not accept autodialer and call center traffic on wholesale plans, ACD of your traffic must be more than 60 seconds and ASR > 50%. Non-conforming wholesale accounts will be switched to retail plan automatically without prior notice. See this link for more details.
  • Your VoIP equipment must support SIP protocol and direct media. Calls from a SIP equipment located behind NAT router will be charged at retail rates. Set the following parameters in your VoIP account settings on our web site:
    • CALLERID: set to blank
    • HOST: Your SIP server IP address
    • Send calls to, port 5060.
  • Your VoIP equipment must support g711 and g729 codecs.
  • You must have backup termination routes to provide uninterruptible service to your customers.
  • Your monthly call volume with us must be at least 10000 minutes (excluding calls to US toll free numbers) or monthly spending $100.
Minimal payment amount to wholesale account is $5, payment processing fee of (2.7-3.9)%+$0.3 will be deducted from the payment amount if you use Paypal or credit card payment methods. We will not charge a fee when you use Paypal mass payment or bank wire transfer.

If you are eligible for carrier plans and want to use our call termination service for your business, open an account with us, configure it and your equipment as described above, make a small payment and make some test calls. If you have interconnection problems, or if you would like to switch your account to a wholesale plan, contact us with your account number. If everything works, please tell us whether you would like the Standard or Premium plan by default.
Fine print: All prices are final, there are no bogus fees and unfees other than specified at Services page. Period. Only SIP devices that have already been created can be connected to to make calls. Please ensure you only use devices approved by you (Please do not try and connect using two tin cans and a piece of string as we do not yet support this, but we may support this in the future, the work is in progress and preliminary results are positive). monthly subscription charge of $0 must be paid in advance and does not include tax of $0 which also must be paid in advance. You will be billed an activation fee of $0 plus tax and this must be paid in advance. Calls made incur tax at the rate of 0% each month and must be paid in advance. On cancellation of the service you will be charged a one time disconnection charge of $0. Additional features will be billed at the additional rate of $0 per call. All **YOUR** rights reserved.

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